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Advanced stage appeals and complaints management

Meeting the process and behaviour challenge

Ombudsman appeals in the housing sector have increased by 72% in the past two years. When coupled with the proposed changes outlined in the Localism Bill, good practice in advanced stage complaint/appeals management has become an absolute must.

Advanced stage complaints and appeals management represents a considerable challenge, both regarding the topic complexities themselves, and the often emotionally charged and sometimes vexatious behaviours involved, testing your team and your appeals panel to the full.

Our workshop can help to equip those involved in advanced stage complaints and appeals management, including panel members (independent board members, tenant members, etc) by challenging attitudes, enhancing skills and increasing confidence levels to help maximise success in this critical activity.


  • Complaints: what are they anyway? Exploring the definition and the consequences/implications
  • BS ISO 10002:2004 Best Practice Complaints framework – exploring the international complaints best practice guide
  • Managing expectations – ensuring customer expectations are clearly set during advanced complaint stages
  • Managing emotions and difficult customers – understanding and managing emotions for everyone in the room
  • Vexatious behaviour – the definition and handling of such challenging behaviours
  • Listening skills – discovering the critical importance of ‘hearing’ all the facts
  • Attention to detail considerations – testing delegates’ ATD skills!
  • Equality and diversity – highlighting that fairness considerations are never discarded
  • Decision-making – using a tested and simple process for all complaint stages
  • Case study – applying best practice through case study evaluation and practical decision-making.

Who should attend?

Everyone who is, or is likely to be, involved in advanced stage complaints/appeals handling and management.

Our trainer

With over 20 years’ experience working in complaint management in the housing, retail and food sectors, our specialist has a proven track record of supporting organisations in developing innovative and sustainable customer-focused solutions to a wide range of business challenges.

HQN has a track record of helping organisations achieve real and lasting performance improvements. If you are interested in accessing this training package please contact us by emailing

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