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Performance Improvement and Efficiency

Customer Insight

Performance Improvement and Efficiency
  • I'd like to know what policies or strategies you have in place with regards to Customer Insight, or in other words how do you get information out of your residents and then how do you use it?

    I'd appreciate short summaries or copies of policies and strategies.

    Thanks in advance.

    (Paul Mountford, Bournville Village Trust,, 0121 6671190)
    Paul Mountford Answers (0)

Any day tenancies

Performance Improvement and Efficiency
  • Do you use any day tenancies? If so, has this improved your void re-let times?

    Have there been any issues around Section 13 Notices and annual rent increases?

    Many thanks

    (Pauline Williams, Orbit Group Limited,, 0345 8 500 500)
    Pauline Williams Answers (0)

Utilising the private rented sector - access to bonds, rent guarantees and support

Performance Improvement and Efficiency
  • I am researching best practice in relation to bonds, rent guarantees and support to access the private rented sector. If your organisation offers such schemes I would appreciate it if you can answer any of the following questions:

    1. how many applications are received on a monthly or annual basis?
    2. of applictions received how many are supported?
    3. how many tenancies end before the end of the tenancy term taken up?
    4. the number of landlords who let to those supported by your scheme?
    5. how many payments are made to landlords (on a monthly basis) from the scheme?
    6. how much does your scheme(s) cost to administer including staff costs?
    7. how do you assess value for money for your scheme.

    Jane Medforth
    (Jane Medforth, Hull City Council,, 01482 612418)
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Assessment frameworks for older people's housing

Performance Improvement and Efficiency
  • Does anybody know of any assessment companies or frameworks that I can use to measure our housing for older people services?

    Previously we have used the Centre for Housing code of practice for support services and also the Quality Assessment Framework.

    If you know of any different ones, please email me at

    Many thanks in advance,

    (Sarah Knapper, Saxon Weald Homes,, 01403 22 6045)
    Sarah Knapper Answers (0)

Tenant reward schemes

Performance Improvement and Efficiency
  • Please can anyone help with my question below?

    Do you offer rewards to working families who are tenants in light of the 7% rent increase.

    Any responses in writing or phone will be very much appreciated.

    (Carol Adams, Basildon District Council,, 01268 465148)
    Carol Adams Answers (0)

Document imaging

Performance Improvement and Efficiency
  • Does anyone use document imaging technology for new tenants sign-up? If yes, was the system internally developed or did you purchase/rent it from an external source?


    Neville Elliott (Quality Improvement Manager), 02083568802, email:

    Paul Dixon (Project Officer), 02083562060, email:

    Many thanks

    (Paul Dixon, Hackney Homes,, 0208 3562060)
    Paul Dixon Answers (0)

Census - response rates

Performance Improvement and Efficiency
  • SHG are currently carrying out a full census of all our residents, regardless of tenure, to provide more complete profiling information.

    I would like to hear from anyone who has gone through this process to find out what return rates you achieved, so I know what percentage is reasonable for us to aim for.

    Thank you very much for your help, in anticipation.

    (Sarah Platt, Shropshire Housing Group,, 01588 676210)
    Sarah Platt Answers (1)

Project management methodologies/systems

Performance Improvement and Efficiency
  • We are currently reviewing the project management systems/methodologies that we use across the Group, for example, Prince2, Clearview, etc, and as part of this process we have decided to also look externally for other examples of project management systems or methodologies that we could consider alongside the ones that we already use.

    If you have a system or methodology that you have found to be successful/useful, or maybe has been highlighted as good practice, I would be really keen to hear from you please, either by email or phone.

    Thank you
    (Robyn Payne, Green Vale Homes,, 01706 836351)
    Robyn Payne Answers (4)

One-to-one and performance appraisal review

Performance Improvement and Efficiency
  • We have just successfully completed our 2010/11 performance appraisal round and are now taking stock and reviewing our procedure with a view to making some useful changes for the next year. Our current procedure probably meets many people's view of good practice (objective setting, meeting competences, etc), but our feeling is that it is rather long-winded and that the real benefits to staff and our organisation are perhaps not as clear as they should be. We want to explore appraisal and one-to-one alternatives that are demonstrably effective at driving continuous improvement and offer improved value for money.

    If any members have policies, procedures and paperwork that they feel deliver real benefits without generating War and Peace, I would be delighted to receive copies and/or discuss options.

    (Simon Goulding, Southern Housing Group,, 02075 536 403)
    Simon Goulding Answers (3)

Extra care lettings

Performance Improvement and Efficiency
  • I would like to know if any social landlords exclude extra care lettings from the relets PI, and if they include them, what dates do they use?

    Many thanks

    Amanda Nicklin
    Housing Choices Manager

    (Amanda Nicklin, Stafford & Rural Homes,, 01785 216613)
    Amanda Nicklin Answers (4)

Document management system

Performance Improvement and Efficiency
  • Hounslow Homes are currently starting to embark on an electronic document and records management system. I would like to know if you currently use any form of document management system at your ALMO? If so, I would be grateful if you could share your experiences of your chosen system with me.

    (Jaspal Sidhu, Hounslow Homes,, 0208 5836413)
    Jaspal Sidhu Answers (6)


Performance Improvement and Efficiency
  • Hi all

    I have been scouring several websites to obtain benchmarking information for recharges, with no luck. If anyone is able to assist in directing me in this, it would be really appreciated.

    (Simi Sharma, Aldwyck Housing Group,, 01582 869 117)
    Simi Sharma Answers (4)

Service reviews

Performance Improvement and Efficiency
  • I am interested to know whether any organisation has developed a service review mechanism that is structured for desktop research, or one that can contain further layers for a more in-depth review.

    Initially, I planned to identify the gaps between policy and performance, but would now like to widen this out to consider KPI/LPI performance and continuous improvement direction of travel.

    I would like a process I can sell to managers as being effective and with tangible outcomes that they are involved in, rather than seeing service reviews as something that is 'done to them'.

    Any examples or signposting towards good practice would be helpful.

    (Fiona Bebbington, Roddons Housing Association,, 01354 607203)
    Fiona Bebbington Answers (1)

Voids/repairs standard

Performance Improvement and Efficiency
  • Does anyone have a flexible voids repairs standard which they operate?

    If so, is anyone willing to share this information?

    We are looking to review our voids process with costs and turnaround times a key priority and, as such would welcome all and any information offered.

    (James Yurky, Barnet Homes,, 020 8359 4582)
    James Yurky Answers (5)

Pre-tenancy workshops

Performance Improvement and Efficiency
  • I am wondering if anyone currently uses, or has experience of, using pre-tenancy workshops. I am looking for information on how they have worked for you, what your experience has been of them (whether good or bad) and what outcomes may have been achieved.

    (Sharon Doyle, Waverley Borough Council,, 01483 523 491)
    Sharon Doyle Answers (4)

Estate grading

Performance Improvement and Efficiency
  • We're currently developing an estate grading system, and hope to create a system that can be used across the whole of our stock. One thing that could prevent this being applicable everywhere are the blocks of leaseholders that have opted to pay a lesser service charge. As a result, these blocks will not be able to receive the top grading. However, this will appear unfair on caretakers. I would be very interested if anyone has come across this issue before and how your grading system dealt with it?

    Many thanks

    (Tom Conlon, Affinity Sutton Group,, 0207 3785597)
    Tom Conlon Answers (1)

Online surveys

Performance Improvement and Efficiency
  • I would be very grateful if anyone could answer a few questions:

    .Are any of you effectively getting your customers to engage with you via online surveys?

    .Do you offer a reward scheme for their time?

    .Would you be willing to share your performance information and cost implications?
    (Gemma Andrew, Willow Park Housing Trust,, 0161 946 7563)
    Gemma Andrew Answers (1)

Freephone number impact on performance

Performance Improvement and Efficiency
  • We are currently looking at introducing a freephone number to our contact centre for housing services.

    Can you provide any information or evidence in regards to the impact this has on the performance of the contact centre or your views on the impact this could have?

    (Anthony Dix, Rykneld Homes Limited,, 01246 217617)
    Anthony Dix Answers (3)

Mobile home sites

Performance Improvement and Efficiency
  • I should be grateful to hear from any councils who own or manage non-gypsy mobile home sites where residents own their own mobile homes but rent the plots from the council. In particular I would like to know:

    - Do you have a site warden?
    - How much are the plot fees?
    - Do you charge the full 10% commission following the sale of a mobile home?


    (Maureen Farnell, Tandridge District Council,, 01883 732806)
    Maureen Farnell Answers (1)

Resident census

Performance Improvement and Efficiency
  • BVT are currently working towards carrying out a full census of their residents, regardless of tenure, in mid 2009 following the Audit Commission's expressed requirement that all 'excellent' HAs should have a substantial customer profile.

    I would like to hear from anyone who has gone through this process and if their is any good practice/lessons learnt from the exercise and if there were any data protection problems encountered particularly with reference to the storing and up keep of demographic information?

    Thank you very much for your help, in anticipation.

    (Ashleigh Evans, Bournville Village Trust,, 0121 415 6515)
    Ashleigh Evans Answers (1)